Thread Storage & Conversion Charts posted by on June 17, 2017

Beautiful, stackable six (6) and four (4) drawer embroidery thread cabinets with 15″ stand.

Drawers, except bottom drawer, are partitioned to hold embroidery spools. Each drawer holds 49 spools. Bottom drawer not partitioned to allow storage for bobbin cases and scissors.

Custom Order – allow 6 weeks for delivery

Four Drawer Oak $500.00

Six Drawer oak $700.00

15″ Stand $175.00

To Custom Order send e-mail to or call (904) 469-2407 to place custom order.

Thread Conversion Chart – JANOME to Coates & Clark

Below is the color conversion chart from Janome to Coates & Clark. You may download the entire charts to your computer here:

Thread conversion Chart – Janome to Coates & Clark